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  1. Program Committee (2711 bytes)
  2. Program Committee Internal (43 bytes)
  3. Program (4615 bytes)
    36: | || || [[Rights & Responsibilities for Software Programs?]] || [

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  1. Main Page (3124 bytes)
    7: ''This wiki is only editable by program committee members. If there's information you'd ...
    18: * [[Program]]
    41: * [[Program Committee|Conference Organizers]]
    44: == Program ==
    46: {{:Program}}
  2. Call for presentations, tutorials, and workshops (3207 bytes)
    46: ..., Tutorial, and Speaker proposals accepted by the Program Committee will be notified by April 7, 2008.
  3. Submission guidelines (4997 bytes)
    19: the "speaker" suggestion form. The program committee will give
    28: The program committee may accept parts of submissions without
    29: accepting the entire submission. For example, the program committee
    33: program.
    39: programs or on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Submission Guidelines (4981 bytes)
    20: suggestion form. The program committee will give preference to complete
    27: The program committee may accept parts of submissions without...
    28: the entire submission. For example, the program committee might combine
    31: ...’s contribution will be acknowledged in the program.
    36: ...ble for some speakers through the CFP scholarship programs
  5. Funding for Journalists (2462 bytes)
    3: The Yale Law School Law and Media Program (LAMP) announces an opportunity for journalists t...
    5: ...lists and other participants in the Law and Media Program.
    11: ...nd a cover letter explaining your interest in the program, along with your resume and three writing samples...
    13: = The Yale Law School Law and Media Program =
    15: ...ited States and around the world. Other centers, programs and faculty research have focused on these topic...
  6. Wendy Grossman (225 bytes)
    1: ... to every CFP since 1994, and has been on several program committees (2000, 2002, 2006, 2007). As a freelan...
  7. Jon Pincus (2894 bytes)
    3: In his intro [ on the CFP08 blog], ...
    5: ...ed and delighted when Eddan asked me to be on the program committee this year. I see CFP as the most import...
    7: ...well! We'll have more to say on this front as the program gets finalized and we get closer to the conferenc...
  8. Eddan Katz (1065 bytes)
    3: ...oethics. At the Yale ISP, Eddan initiated the A2K Program and has organized the annual A2K conferences. and...
  9. Robert Guerra (2484 bytes)
    7: ... Internet Governance and Policy Capacity Building Programme], [ The Open Net Initiative]...
    22: Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme] (IGCBP)
    28: ...- [ Program Committee]
  10. Ahrash Bissell (2128 bytes)
    8: ... I have continued an active research and teaching program in biology, the bulk of my time in recent years h...
  11. E-Deceptive Campaign Practices: Elections 2.0 (11839 bytes)
    24: ... and pursuing privacy protections in the CAPPS II program, now known as Secure Flight. She is a graduate of...
  12. The 21st Century Panopticon? (9292 bytes)
    10: ...m; and Law Assistant, Neighborhood Legal Services Program. Johnny Barnes has a J.D. from Georgetown Law Ce...
    16: ... privacy impact assessments, for major government programs and coordinates MITRE research on privacy-enabli...
    22: ...areer as a lawyer, Mr. Verdi worked as a computer programmer on a variety of projects, including several ap...
    31: ... Extensible Markup Language (XML) standards. This programming language allows the identification of fields ...
    45: ...ement into our Crime Resistant Community Policing Program. We conduct regular trainings with the maintenanc...
  13. The National Surveillance State and the Next Administration (6534 bytes)
    3: ...ld do is not clear. End the domestic surveillance program? Close down the fusion centers? Take the surveill...
  14. "The Transparent Society:" Ten Years Later (9313 bytes)
    38: ... what will disempower and perhaps oppress; only a program of radical information openness, nakedness even, ...
  15. Network Neutrality: Beyond the Slogans (1434 bytes)
    27: Barry Steinhardt, Director, Technology & Liberty Program, ACLU
  16. Towards Trustworthy e-Voting: An Open Source Approach? (11403 bytes)
    36: ...siness for over 25 years as a software developer, program manager, Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and informa...
    53: ...ncluding budget preparation, staffing, equipment, program development and training.
    55: ... D.C. and when she left Lawyers for Children, the program leveraged more than $1.4 million in pro bono serv...
  17. Brian Kahin (5825 bytes)
    5: ...tion, the Freedom Forum, the Annenberg Washington Program, the Library of Congress, the Cross-Industry Work...
    13: ...opean IMPRIMATUR consortium, and organized public programs with the U.S. Copyright Office. (In 1997, IMA m...

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